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About Us

Keeping Charm City Clean

The world is becoming ever more integrated through electronic devices in every aspect of our lives and this leaves a lot of waste. We at Charm City Recyclers are committed to helping keep recyclable electronics, household electrical goods, and commercial devices out of our landfills.

Charm City Recyclers not only picks up your items from the greater Baltimore area as well as most surrounding counties, but we properly dispose of them using environmentally friendly ways.

What We Do

First you can schedule a time by phone, email, or our appointment form on our site. Then we show up and remove your items.

Once into our system, they are broken down into the base materials using unique methods that leave no additional hazardous waste. 

We are the only truly Green Recycler in town.

No Burning, No Dumping, No Hazardous Waste Created.

In fact, by processing things the way we do the end results are inert materials safe for handling and then reuse in the creation of new products.

Together Let's Save Charm City and Maryland From Waste

Do Not Pay To Throw Away!

We provide Free Pickup and proper disposal of electronics and other mechanical and electrical items.

Contact us today to schedule your pickup!

What We Handle

Computers, Laptops, Servers, Telecom Equipment

Cell Phones, Gaming Systems, Office Phones

TVs (Flat,Projection, CRT - ALL), VCRs & DVD Players

Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines, Copiers, Ink/Toner Cartridges

Cables, Circuit Boards, General Electronics

Appliances & More!!!

Data Destruction Services Included

All pickups come with free Data Destruction services included with Certificates of Destruction available. 

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When Can We Pickup Your Items?

Give us a call, email, or use our appointment form to schedule a pickup

(Minimum of 10 items for free pickup)

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